Monday, April 09, 2007

Brunch n’ Munch

Easter Sunday had finally arrived. I had been waiting, saving for this all week. Completely off the sugar for seven days, I scheduled a major sugar meltdown for Sunday.

The entire family headed out to Easter brunch at a local hotel. It was one of those extravagant food affairs with multiple buffet lines, omelette stations, waffles, pancakes, ham, lamb, potatoes, cheese, rice, rolls, fruit, and…..what seemed like a mile long table of desserts.

First I started with the real food, but honestly I was eyeing the desserts. All week I had dreamed of these desserts, luscious, creamy, chocolately, cakey. I quickly ate through my meat and green things (must always have my green) and then made my way to the desserts.

Meredith suggested a small plate, I superseded that decision by choosing a big plate. I piled it high with chocolate chunk brownies, caramel apple cake, caramel and chocolate covered cheesecake, pecan tortes, and more. Up and down, I walked along the table looking and re-looking to make sure that I had not missed one sugary thing.

“I’ve never seen you eat that much,” cousin Mikey said to me. I looked right back at him – really? Had you not been watching me all summer at cookouts and Sunday barbeques? Did you not know me during Ironman training? He must have caught on because he quickly corrected himself and said “wait, no, that’s Megan who usually eats three bites and then she’s stuffed.” Ah yes, that is most definitely not me. I might eat this piece of caramel apple creamy filled cake in three bites and I still will not be stuffed.

Walking back to the table, I took a detour when something caught my eye. There I was, standing with a plate full of sugary sticky sweets when I stumbled upon delightful looking plate filled with creamy, fluffy cupcakes. I must have bowled over three kids, nearly ripped off their Easter bonnets just to get my hands on one of those cupcakes.

About ten minutes later, I wasted no time, the desserts were all gone and my tummy was completely full. My favorite was the chocolate chunk brownie. The cupcake looked much better than it tasted but it was just as much fun to play with. In fact, Meredith went up to get one just so we could play with the little chicks perched in the frosting on top.

My chick was a little crazy looking. The eyes were looking in two different directions. And after I played with it for a little while, it went and shit itself....

And then Meredith's chick decided to enjoy a little Easter grass.

Anyways, after eating my weight in desserts and playing with the little chicks, Meredith and I decided to chase down the Easter bunny for a picture. So, here it is, Happy Easter from me and Meredith to you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Good article about the Easter Bash, the food was exceptional good as was the company. Like the comments about your food intake. Take care!