Wednesday, August 29, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

Reading Andra’s post the other day, I realized I got tagged. So here goes – only because I think Andra is funny and because she lives in Texas will I share 8 random things about me….

#1: I owned Wonder Woman Underoo’s as a child. I wore them proud.

#2: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Flatbush area. Thing I miss the most about that place – Italian cookies wrapped in white paper boxes tied up with red and white string. Thing I miss the least – all the sirens at night.

#3: I DO NOT LIKE CLOWNS. As a child, I had a yellow clown that someone made for me sitting on a rocking chair in my bedroom. Since my bedroom was on the third floor in our house, a floor I had all to myself (attic floor with creepy attic closet that I SWEAR opened on its own in the middle of the night, explains a lot about me, eh?), I would make my mom put the clown on the stairs at night because I would not sleep with the clown in my room.

#4: I have one brother who lives in Seattle. He is in the band Curtains For You – they play often in the Seattle area and have a CD out – it’s actually listed on ITunes. So consider this a shameless plug for Pete’s band. By the way, he will be a daddy to a baby girl in October. Oddly enough, Pete can’t read music but I can. But he’s the successful musician so go figure.

#5: I was a vegetarian for 12 years. When I was 27, I unleashed the hungry carnivore that was hiding inside of me for all of those years. Actually, Chris told me at that point I could start eating meat or stop dating him.

#6: I have played the piano since I was 5 years old. I actually entered college as a piano performance major. There is a piano at our house. I play it often. One of my favorite things to do is to put my ITunes library on through my computer and play along.

#7: My middle name is Louise because my mom’s middle name is Louise and her mother’s name was Louise whose mother’s name was Louise. My father’s mother’s name was also Louise. So, yes, my initials really were ELF (but now they are ELW – not nearly as cool that’s why I stick with the ELF).

#8: My heritage is so Italian that the 25 percent of me that is Russian is even too scared to come out.


Andra Sue said...

Ditto on #1 and #3. :-)

hak said...

I had a Bozo the Clown doll as a kid. I swear that thing friggin' moved one night. Scared the bejesus out of me and I've hated clowns since. My sister-in-law's porcelain doll collection even gives me the heebie jeebies.

One of my fantasies would be to play the lead in in one of the Chuckie movies and just rain death and destruction upon the doll world.

Peter Fedofsky said...

Hey, I made the blog! Swell... Anywho, my sister and I are quite similar in many respects:

1: I had Hulk underoos.
2: I was born in Brooklyn and know of said cookies. I miss Carvel cakes most.
3: Blue clown. Hated it!
4: I have a sister who lives in Illinois. She can read music but I cannot.
5: Well, I'm still the omnivore that I always was. It is hard to go vegetarian when you are allergic to soy and mushrooms.
6: I've played since I was 4. I play the piano very often (as time allows), and I often play along to my iTunes library too.
7: Melissa and I almost used Louise as a middle name for our daughter.
8: My 75% Italian part manifests itself as chest hair. The 25% Russian is where the monster beard comes from.