Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Ironman Load

In the category of Things I Found Last Night In My Washing Machine (in other words Things Chris Forgot To Take Out Of His Back Pocket):

That's right, we have 2 empty Power Gels, 1 unused Power Gel, 3 Power Gel tear-off tabs, and in the far right corner we have a chunk of a Cookies & Cream Power Bar (fullly in tact may I add after a wash cycle on "heavy" load in warm water).

Amazing, eh?

When I asked Chris why he felt the chunk of bar needed to be cleaned, he said 'oh, you washed that thing?' Surprise or disappointment? It's your call.

The next morning, I found the Power Bar wrapper in the dryer. So the question really is - was he planning on using it again?


Anonymous said...

The PowerBar fell on the ground and I couldn't pick it up in time for the 5 second rule to stay in effect. I figured that if it got cleaned, then it would still edible.


moonpie said...

10 cool points for him not being a litter bug :P

You should be honored to have such a cool hubby ;)