Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kona Bound

The bikes are in boxes, the bags are packed, Mr. Pickles is snug in my suitcase along with 10 lbs. of vanilla gels. And on Sunday at 12:25 pm #1464 and #1609 will be Kona bound. KONA!


Anonymous said...

Hwy Chris & Elizabeth,

How about bringing back some De-caf. Kona blend coffee from Hawaii ?

Mr. Tom & this writer along with Denise would enjoy some Kona Joe after Thanksgiving day meal. How about it, I will reimburse you. Good luck to both of u, and rock on!

Uncle Mike.

moonpie said...

Nice! Wish you guys the best of luck on race day! Will be tracking you two :)

Julia said...

Can't wait to see how you both do. Have a great race!!

Brenda O said...

GOOD LUCK YOU TWO!! We will be watching, tracking, and cheering!!

Applebutter said...

I would wish you guys good luck, but as Chris has heard me say, luck is for the unprepared. If ANYONE is prepared for Sunday, you two are. Race smart and enjoy it!!! We both wish you a safe and powerful day.
Sue & Troy