Sunday, October 14, 2007

Post Ironman Notes

If I say the phrase "I want to do another Ironman" please drop something heavy on my foot.

Finding your own real estate in an ocean swim - awesome.

Number of times I swallowed ocean water - once - yuck.

All the guys pulling and swatting at me during the swim - give it a rest boys. Seriously.

Cross - tailwind along the Queen K - excellent.

Seeing Natascha in the med van early on the Queen K - poor thing.

The massive wall of wind up to Hawi, going about 10 mph - not so much.

Drafting - explain to me why. Why and how you can draft at Kona. I don't get it. What is the point?

Realizing my watch broke on the bike - oh boy. Kind of makes me wish I bought that new Timex I had been spying all week.

The volunteer who gave me her Timex watch in the changing tent - what a woman.

Where oh where were the giant vats of sunscreen this year? I'm sorry - two people spraying 8 oz bottles of Kinesysis....didn't really cut it. This is the skin cancer burn my friends.

My bike shoes - I broke up with them at about mile 100.

The run - the first 8 miles were so fun.

The next 18 miles - not so fun.

Crapping 4 times over those 18 miles - again, not so fun.

Crapping in front of Seton the owner of - priceless.

We need to redefine your meaning of "fun" - when Seton said at mile 17 "I'm just out here now for fun."

Best sign observed - at Hawi turnoff "I get my wife back in 7 hours."

The last 4 miles of the run - longest miles of my life.

Best reply - guy at mile 5 that I said "come on, you can do it" - he said "I'm working on it."

Mile at which the giant blister on my right foot burst - 22.

Percent cloud cover - zero.

Most bizarre trend - compression socks on the bike and run - seriously?

Crossing the finish line - always emotional.

Eating pizza afterwards - good, for about 30 minutes before it left the body.

Number of toenails I will lose -probably 3.

On the menu for tomorrow - pancakes, crumb cake, ice cream, and coffee. for sure.

Point at which I had already eaten a bag of Reeses Pieces, a Fast Break and a Big Cup - 12 pm Sunday.

Number of people observed with yellow wristbands running on Sunday - two.

Kona my friends is in the bag! Yee haw! Thanks for all the notes, messages, and good lucks!!!


Bill said...

Wonderful effort and results, Liz. Both for you and Chris.

Now enjoy the downtime. You've earned it!

moonpie said...

Congrats on your 9th place AG finish!!! You do NOT dissapoint - not in your performance or your speed in blog postings :)

Spokane Al said...

Congratulations lady! I am very much looking forwards to your always insightful and moving post on the details of your race.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to both of you! That's awesome... My phone was beepin' all day with results!

Kulak said...

Congratulations to both you and Chris! Sounds like you had quite the experience. Julie, Jacek, and I were all pulling for you!

Leah Sanda said...

Great job Elizabeth! An almost 15 minute PR! Awesome!

Brenda O said...

I loved seeing Chris's smile at the finish line (thanks live-time internet feed) too bad it glitched so we couldn't see you again this year!) but we tracked you guys all day! So proud!!! I am getting a few pounds of coffee ready to drop on your feet though for next year... ;-)

AGA said...

Awesome, truly awesome. I caught Chris crossing the line and then sat on pins and needles while my computer reloaded the feed...and then I missed you! Great job out there! Looking forward to the race report.

Karl On Sea said...

Brilliant race summary - so succinct, but telling the whole story. Oh, and well done - fantastic result.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Elizabeth, no one is more happy for you than me. :) Enjoy the R&R and junk food. YEAH! Jennifer

Ivonne said...

Congratulations to you and the hubby! You are both awesome!

Bob Mitera said...

That is some great racing! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

You are just an amazing competitor Elizabeth! Way to finish off yet another incredible season! Congrats to you and Chris on 2 impressive days in Kona.

Now ENJOY the coffee, and hope you can eat some good food that actually stays down!

Karyn A.