Sunday, February 10, 2008


I know that it's cold.

I know the weather in the midwest right now is bad. And it has been really bad for over a month. I know we've gotten over 40 inches of snow and this is one of the snowiest winters in history.

I know.

But I also know we all make choices in life. And our choice was to live in the midwest. We also chose to be athletes with BIG goals. So because of our choices we need to train through the winter. Yes, that is hard. Yes, there are days when it is negative 100000 outside and all signs will be pointing towards throwing the workout away for the day.

But while you do that, someone in sunny somewhere is training in shorts. They are doing quailty work in sunshine and 70 degrees. Think of it this way - who digs deeper for their workout? You or them? That's your call but working out in sunny and 70 degrees isn't work. That's just plain fun and play.

Times like this are when you really need to stick to your training and stay committed to your plan. If you can, you will emerge stronger in both body and mind. You will arrive at a race with any conditions and think to yourself - as long as it's not negative 100000 degrees I'm ready to win today.

You are not crazy for training through conditions like this. Crazy is the person that shows up at a race to compete with you who has long run in 5 degrees, ran pick ups on a snow covered road, did 3 hours in your basement on the trainer, ran on the treadmill for 6 weeks straight. Crazy is anyone that thinks they can compete with that. Because you chose to keep going when it got tough. To dig deep and just get 'er done. You chose with tenacity and grit to keep working - no matter what - because you want so badly to reach your goals.

And if that doesn't motivate you enough, I got this from a friend in Minnesota today:

Today, Sunday, February 10, 2008, at 10:00 AM CST, MG set the team record for coldest bike ride; riding in -10 F weather; -33 F wind chill. Independent verification was provided by me (TL) at my home's front door. "I'm anticipating my water bottle to be frozen when I return home", stated MG.

Set your own record today. Be safe and smart - but despite all conditions and odds go set a personal record of being out there and being your best. Expect it from yourself and see what happens.

It's also like JV said to me the other day, just keep thinking "these conditions are perfect for me." Not many people are brave enough to say that. Say it to yourself and for yourself. Make the right choice for yourself.


Kellye Mills said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I just wanted to say what an incredible inspiration you are. Especially for people like me! Your swim challenge from Danielle's page, and this post just proves that you are SUPER dedicated, and I think that's awesome.

I like to think about the people who go out there and win races winning because they earned it, not just because they're talented. So thanks for helping push me along as well! :)

BreeWee said...

I agree, living and training in shorts is "fun". You guys have to be way more motivated!! I remember Nationals and meeting you and Jen and I cried I was so cold. I could not move a single muscle... my race to lose thanks to freezing my entire body off! You both thought is was "perfect race weather"!
I give all you men/women so much credit for what you have to do to train through the year and I think that is why you all are "Rocky Balboa tuff". He did what others didn't (even though it's only a movie). So WAY TO GO! And when you toe the line this year to all your races you KNOW you worked "froze" your @$$ off to get there...
Okay, off to swim in the ocean, in a bikini... LOVE ya! And thank you for all the inspiration! PS: Next year, can you girls bring your training camp to Hawaii... I can find you all places to shack up!

Eric said...


I got back home after my run and I realized that my eyelashes froze together. Oh yes, the nose hair too!!! I'll took some pictures and I'll put them up on my blog. What a wonderful day for a run. And we know the warm weather people are training, but what are we going to do? Go outside. :)