Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunny & 60 Degrees

That's right - right now it's sunny and 60 degrees.

Did I mention I was in Phoenix?

We have made our annual trip to Phoenix to accomplish 3 things; (1) escape the imprisonment of Chicago in winter; (2) find proof that the sun still exists; (3) compete in the Desert Classic Duathlon. sponsors the race so it is a great opportunity to see represent our sponsor and participate in what is probably one of the best early season events out there. The race itself is at a beautiful venue on a challenging course and always attracts some of the best competition - both age group and pro.

This is my first race as a pro. I'm very excited because the race represents for me the unknown. These past few weeks I have been carrying around a phrase that I saw on a wall in a store in Seattle:

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Nothing is ever certain when you show up at a race - especially as a pro. Pro's are at all different levels of fitness and phases in their training. So I am excited to see the possibilities of what happens when I compete with them. I am excited to be one of them. In other words, I am excited to HURT!

One of the other great things about coming out to Phoenix is the opportunity to see a good friend. Upon touching down last night I had a voicemail from one most valuable sherpa:

This is Sherpa Thomas at your service waiting at the airport ready to sherpa and shuttle you around.

Yes, Sherpa Thomas is here! After a delicious dinner, we headed out to Thomas' house. I wasn't sure if a sherpa lived in a hut or a house so I was relieved to see it was a real house.

Anyways, someone asked a few weeks ago if Sherpa Thomas was a real sherpa. Well, he is a real person and he has sherpa'ed us at Kona so is he a real sherpa? That's your call. But if you are wondering if we hired him from the Himalayas, the answer is no. I believe he was born in Georgia. And though he is strong but probably couldn't carry an ox on his back (though he did carry me after Kona). He also doesn't drink yak urine and doesn't have a superhuman ability to utilize small amounts of oxygen. I am not sure if real sherpas do these things but these were things we confirmed he could not do at dinner last night.

We woke up this morning to get in our usual pre-race run. It sure was nice to run in sunny and 50 degrees. Thomas tried to convince me that I needed to wear long sleeves and shorts...but after about 5 minutes of running those long sleeves came right off. I mean, sunny and above 30 degrees? It's practically summer here.

Thomas and Chris are playing bikes in the garage. I am drinking coffee. I am going to get outside soon just to sit in the sun. Not sure I need to do much more than that. Because it's going to be a long time until I see the sun again. A long time for sure.


BreeWee said...

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I am freakin out and nervous! Are you nervous!? Your first pro race! I am so excited for you and nervous as if it were me! PLEASE keep me so posted on every thought, feeling, emotion, ect. of the adventure! We (I) want full race reflections- PLEASE! I am with you this year, first year pros... oh gosh, you are up first...
I am rootin' for you, cheering, screaming, yelling, GOOD LUCK LIZ! Don't forget to have fun, BUT go get em'! You belong on the pro list... oh my gosh, I am so scared for my first pro race, the pressure is freakin' me out... I was avoiding thinking about it till this post! Okay, I better quit rambling, have fun, go hurt, be tuff, we believe in you, and I forgot to mention... ENJOY THE SUN!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Okay Liz - here you go! Have fun - and remember, you write the end to your own story. :)

As for the sun, well, no doubt that you'll see a bunch of it in SC.

You'll do great!

kerri said...


Good luck
Have fun
Achieve your goals
Eat em for breakfast and then

Beth said...

YEAH LIZ!!! Go get 'em!! Can't wait to hear all about how you just ROCKED your first pro race!! Have fun and enjoy that sun!

Stef said...

Good Luck!

Pedergraham said...

Elizabeth and Chris--Hope you have great races today. Go get 'em!!!

TRI-ROB said...

HEY! Found you through Scottie's blog... I'm with ya... I'm always "excited to HURT"! Odd but true... looking forward to following your season...


BreeWee said...

STILL waiting for the race report! I can not stop thinking of you and your first pro race...On my run this morning I was thinking of you and praying it was going well and you were having a blast and learning tons!
Again, enjoy the sun and safe travels home!

Jessi said...

Good luck Liz!!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Bob Mitera said...

Nail it Liz!