Thursday, February 07, 2008

Swimmy Stories

I never realized how hard it is for triathletes to swim until I started coaching - and what I mean is it's not their fault. No, they want to swim. Usually, it's the fault of the pool. Seems like swimming pools are designed these days for anything but swimming. Which often results in a few scuffles with the people that want to walk/float on a foam noodle/jump in the swimming pool rather than swim. Just ask IMAble who has probably beaten up her fair share of aquacisers for a lane. For some it's just a struggle to get to the pool early enough to get a lane. Which resulted in one guy getting off on a warning as he sped a little too quickly to the YMCA at 4:52 am. He then proudly reported even after getting pulled over he was still in the pool by 5:04 am. Better yet, last week one of my STL athletes wrote that he couldn't get his swim test done because the roof of the pool caved in. Right above his lane.

Tonight, however, this swimming pool story tops the rest. B was scheduled to do his swim test. When he arrived at the pool, the pool had other plans:

Somebody pooped in my pool!
Should i get it done tomorrow?

I have never laughed so hard. And I wasn't even sure what to say. Should you get it done tomorrow? Well, as long as you don't poop in the pool I'd say go for it then. But keep in mind, this is a swim test so I'd bring your plastic pants. Just in case.


Anonymous said...

Or, last night...pool is closed b/c we got 14" of snow!? I mean...this isn't S.Carolina my is CHICAGO. HTFU and keep my pool open! Now! BUT...I had a sneaky suspicion this was going to happen so I snuck to the pool at 9am to get my workout done before the 14" hit us....AH!! My gut is always right. Jen

BreeWee said...

you have seen our pool- not too shabby and the best part is it is 100% free unlike a lot of pools I have been to that I have to pay to swim laps... but being free means a lot of bad stuff: little kids pooping in the pool (this happens a lot and we have to evacuate), last Friday morning before masters the guard opened the pool late because he was in the guard shack hookin' up with some chick (my coach loved that excuse why I had a short workout), we also get "pool politics" where we end up having to get out for another coach or team... anyways, you are pretty lucky I am not your athlete or you would get a truck load of "sorry i couldn't swim" excuses... You would fire me from being your athlete!

KayVee said... get to the pool at 5:30a and some creepy dude is swimming the dark. What's up with that?