Thursday, April 03, 2008

Looking For Substitute Sherpa

I am planning another BIG training block around the weekend of April 12th. My husband is getting ready for a short course race and Sherpa Thomas is racing. Therefore, I am seeking a male/female Sherpa stand-in companion looking to join me for 4 – 5 days of BIG training.

Things you should know:

1 – I require coffee every day.
2 – I require at least one piece of cake as reward for one epic day.
3 – I will wake you at 6 am each morning and force feed you oatmeal.
4 – I do not swim before 6:30 am unless it involves a race.
5 – I do not need a place to stay but if you give me a place to stay I will be a good house guest.
6 – I am allergic to cats and small children.
7 – I am willing to travel any distance (top priority is hot & hilly)

I am looking to bike up to 4 hours on some days. Swims can be with masters or separately. Open water is a plus. Running – I’m looking to chase someone that can drop sub 6:00 miles for their hard pace. As for swimming, I’m looking to chase someone that can hold sub 1:15 pace. Cycling – be willing to push the pace whatever it is.

I have some destinations in mind but thought I would just throw this out there. If you want to train or know someone that would train with me please contact me at ef1278 at yahoo dot com

I read this to my husband and he said "it sounds like a singles ad." Please note I already have one husband and think that is quite enough. Plus the dog. I just want someone to train with for a few days.


rachelross said...

want to do my IM AZ as a relay? I can guarantee you a 5 hr hot windy ride on the 13th.. Or wait, even better, you can come take my place here in hawaii, face your allergy to small children head on, and ride on our hot windy hills after you drop them at school each day?

Wish I was going to be home, I would invite you out in a heartbeat. Paging Bree Wee....?

Bob Mitera said...

I am a race marshal in Tempe leaving on Friday and returning Sunday or Monday. I will be able to train on Friday and Saturday...Sunday I'm a little busy with kinda a race thing.

Swim - 1:15 - no problem to 1:02 pace
Bike - I'm down for that too
Run - I'd just ride my bike behind you with a stick and Mr. Microphone

I am married (happily) too so not a complication there. I am only allergic to spider bites, ignorance and corporate stupidity.

Ashley said...

you know you're welcome

Dimitrios said...

"I am willing to travel any distance"

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

If my butt weren't broken, I would join you! You're always welcome in Florida - however it's not exactly hill. AND, we do have a cat. But it's warm, hot even... :) I'll drive behind a car and honk at you if you slow down. Biking or running. As for the open water swimming - plenty of opportunities (if youlike sharks!).

Hills, I'm afraid that we don't have many.... SC may be your best bet. Ashley will keep you honest!

good luck!

BreeWee said...

BUT I have a small child and a cat and only one bed. BUT we got hills, heat, wind, hills, heat, some good swimmers, some sub 6 runners, some heat, hills, some bikers to pull you along! You sound like my perfect match if you can handle your allergies!
Oh... I am heading to Florida soon, wanna meet there from some training? I think you are doing St. Anthony's too right??

Mira Lelovic said...

I'm driving to Dallas to do a OLY race but they have a 1/2 IM event too if you want to race to train? Maybe you could use an alias name? Otherwise, come to LR April 19. As far as the running, can you chase me on my bike? I know some really fast bike dudes. Hmmm, there might be some sub 1:15'ers at masters, but I wouldn't know it because anything under 1:35 is all the same to me.

Sally said...

Liz, if I could hold the pace I'd love to be your 'stand in' sherpa. For future planning we'll have our place in Franklin NC up and running by the end of the summer. Right now - it's got all the necessities, but no beds. All the best. Sally

Kellye Mills said...

Though I don't think I'm qualified...

Could sub 6 MAYBE if I'd trained for it for months :)

Can hold like a 1:25 in the water on a good day! :)

I could maybe keep up with you on the bike. It is hilly and can be hot!! We have an open door policy, but I do have small children.

So my casa sous casa in Atlanta... ask Marit, we try to be gentle, but then again, we may not qualify!

Either way, you're always welcome if you ever get the urge!

Train-This said...

come to rochester. we got hills. we got trails. we got pools. and we might even have some sun. Oh, and you got ME! And you can bring the dog.

JK2 said...

You are always more then welcome in Boulder....Let me know

Jenni and Jeff

Eileen Swanson said...

This would be awesome. Let's plan on you coming to NorCal next winter to train. Right now, you would be lonely while Reid and I are at work and Belle is at doggie day care. But I will plan on taking a week off next winter so that you can come and train with us. We would love it!

E, R, and B ;-)

Jessi said...

So... you have to post and let us know who gets the honor of being your sherpa! :)