Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Camp Update #2

I'm getting some peer pressure to provide yet another update.

We did get to swim - not in open water. The lake swim was rained out. The quarry masters practice was shut down because apparently the lifeguards did not want to watch a bunch of adults swim. There was no rain. There was no excuse.

So we headed over to the gym to swim. Thanks to Semi Stand In Coach Eric for providing a workout. Beth almost left the pool when he said 6 x 500. That was the workout we just said we did not want to do. We did it. And I made Beth lead a lot of it. She is now the official camp pool sandbagger. All of this talk of "I can't swim" that she squeaks - for the record I say it is total nonsense.

We then went for dinner. Ness needed to eat like 3 hours ago and was close to comatose until her noodles arrived. I thought I lost social skills when tired. Ness even said not to talk to her until she had food. That's my kind of girl. I made a scene when they forgot my salad and chicken. Ness told us about her Swiss Family Robinson house and then we drove home.

Chris and I took a walk with Boss. He sang the Make - a - the -poopy song to Boss. I did get him to bust out a few lyrics in front of Ness and Beth. This guy missed a career in song. I almost did a double take looking at Ness. It was like looking in a funhouse mirror when I noticed she had giant shoulders. I realized she had bags of peas under her shirt. A little preventative care never hurt.

In Boss news, he is absolutely loving the female ratio around this house. He is convinced the air mattress in Ness' room was set up just for him. He follows Beth to the bathroom. But seems to have completely forgotten about me. How quickly loyalties change. He is busy with his bone right now and he's had a long day - the dog park, several walks, dismembering his stuffed bear. Poor Bear, lost an arm. He's been chasing his tail a lot too. I'm not sure why. He keeps looking back at it like "damn tail, still there. .....STILL there......STILL THERE."

Tomorrow we will run and then do the group ride. Get ready Bob we're coming to get you and there will be no stops this week. NONE. Fill your water bottles early and get ready to ride.


Bob Mitera said...

Bring it!

I'll pack an extra water bottle for the person who goes through 39 oz of fluid per hour. Something tells me there is a buzz saw of fast cycling gals coming to the ride tonight. Let's embarrass some roadies! (aka: Lunchbox and the mayor) I've been waiting all week for this!! (...and I lost another 2 lbs this week. I'm starting to look athletic again in certain light conditions.)

I'm leaving work today about 2 - holiday tradition at the "old job". Going swimming at Mid-Town in Palatine then to the ride.

Wes said...

Hmmm... I never thought about singing a poo song to my dogs... I always thought the promise of Cheeze-its or Gold Fish was enough... funny :-)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Enjoy the ride!!! Glad to see that Beth's peas are rubbing off on Ness. Now how about that foam roller? :) Fun times so far - just don't forget your "s"! (a total tribue to Ness!)

Laura said...

Totally hear you about the grumpy-till-food hunger! It's actually genetic and runs in my family. ;)Although no one can get as grumpy as my ex boyfriend - that man needs food every hour or there WILL be trouble! LOL.

Flatman said...

6x500...ugh. everything else sounds fun, though!

BreeWee said...

I love the updates, thank you guys...