Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's On


What do you have to say to that?


Just what I thought.

Thanks to Jeff Keil for designing the logo on my new hat - I am going to be the best dressed spectathlete in Kona. That's right, folks. The hat says SPECTATHLETE. Not just any hat. A trucker hat. Rock on. Plus there is a matching shirt. But I figured Bree and Kerrie could handle only one attack at a time.

There I am practicing my hoots, hollers and gestures in the bathroom. These are the last minute preparations for a spectathlete going to Ironman.

My final brick was today. A 3 hour ride out to Fermilab. Just like in Kona, I rode into the fiercist winds I've felt for a long time. Averaged 14.9 mph going out to the lab. Someone turned on the wind. And the cold. Nothing like getting out the wool socks and the tights. Once inside the lab I looked down and realized I was busting out over threshold wattage at 11 mph. I just laughed. But I knew I was ready for any winds I would face in Hawaii while I'm training or spectating.

When I got back home I hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Cranked it over 9 mph while shouting "YOU CAN DO IT", "GET ON IT", and my all time favorite "YOU LOOK GREAT." My legs felt great and I could even ramp the speed up a bit more while busting out a few lyrics to Hanna Montana. At that point I knew the taper was working.

Heard back from Sherpa Thomas today. When I told him the week's worth of workouts first he ignored me. Then he wrote back about how he has roughly 6 hours of bike training in the past 6 weeks so how was he going to ride 6 hours in a day. Finally he caved and told me just to pack extra shorts because when he craps himself at Hawi we'll be prepared. I told him I'd also bring along an entire box of tissues for when he starts to cry.

Our flight changed to Sunday. I'm feeling a little rushed to finish up schedules, prepare Boss for his week away with Drew, pack and still train. Plus today I signed up for Arizona. I almost crapped my own pants when I got an e-mail from Heather Fuhr about signing up for Ironman. How often do you see Heather Fuhr in your inbox? I'm framing that one.

This weekend I have a 100 mile ride with Adam. He's the kind of guy that routinely goes sub 10 at an Ironman. Even at Kona. I'm a little scared. I told him I was game for the ride as long as he pulled me the entire way. It's only fair. A man pulls me on Saturday because on Wednesday I'm clearly pulling the Sherpa man.

I can't believe we leave in less than 3 days. I can't believe I'm so excited to go there and not race. There seems to be some confusion - I am not doing the race although I am actually on the start list. I have no idea how that happened. Rachel Ross pointed it out to me months ago. I guess if I see myself out there racing I know I'm screwed.

Or dead. Which very well might be the case after pulling Thomas for over 100 miles on the Queen K.


D said...

Ooooh... I got a little "Good Luck at IMC" card thing from Heather this year. I was going to frame it til I sucked the poop out there, but I've still got it. Maybe I'll just change the year for next year hehe :)

And your hat rocks!

Cat said...

i'm borrowing that hat is arizona, so don't let sherpathomas near it!

rr said...

Your hat is awesome.

I still think you should race. Consider it the pro lottery. At least swim it. Then ride past Hawi just to see what everyone does. Have Sherpa Thomas pick you up in Waimea and let them all wonder if you rode to Maui.

Wes said...

Don't be a wuss!! Give Bree and Kerrie both barrels!! LOL... I think I should turn my treadmill up to 9 mph just to hear what it sounds like. I don't think, in its life time, its ever been above 8... hmmmm...

You are going to have so much fun. Say hi to my coach if you see her in the race ;-)

Andrea said...

Have fun Liz - like you need me to tell you that.

Love the hat and the that the new haircut stuffed under there? :)

Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Muppetdog said...

Awesome photo! (and nice that you manage to hide the new haircut AND not show us the makeup)

Can't wait to hear all about the trip - we expect regular updates!

kerrie said...

um, i'm totally stealing that hat. i think i could take you.

so not fair!

Mark said...

That hat rocks! I consider myself a professional spectator, so I hope you do me proud...

My most important tip - enjoy some cocktails while spectating ;)

BreeWee said...

LOVE the hat, very fun, very cool! Okay, cool enough I will be seen in my home town with you!!! Shoots, I am stoked for you to get here, and I would hang out with you in your undies on Thursday! You are running the undie run with us right?! Hey, you are tiny enough you could fit in Kainoa's diapers, that would be a hoot. I tried but my bum is tooooooo big!
Safe travels... see ya soon!
Wed. 6:15 pm Masters, come swim with us!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

It's meant to be: you racing Kona. Maybe not this year, the spectathlete that you are - but next. :) Enjoy the century ride! And say HI to Sherpa Thomas for me!

Flatman said...

God you crack me up...I'll keep Boss for ya!

RB said...

Should have kept the Kum and Go hat... Yer got a purdy mouth!

Jessi said...

I told Tom about that hat and I thought he would be pissed because that is HIS word (his photography site should get a link every time you use it...:) But Tom is a better person than I. All he wanted to know was why I hadn't gotten him a hat that said that.
Also, I realize it's weird that all of my comments to your blog seem to be about Tom.