Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Of Swims & Kona Things

Tuesday morning. Tuesday, right?

Yesterday, Chris' parents and sister & boyfriend arrived. Domination of the island by way of Waterstraat shall be complete when the other sister & boyfriend arrive tomorrow. Kona can hardly wait.

This morning - up at 5 am. Wake up call - mom-in-law in bathroom then blow drying hair. Reason - unknown, perhaps jet lag or worse....normal routine.

Watched daylight arrive with Mr. Tom on the lanai. With oatmeal, coffee. Then Chris dropped me off at the pier for a swim with Seiichi. What can I say - the swim was freakin' amazing. Gorgeous. Fish everywhere, calm blue waters, ocean rhythm. If I had an ocean in my backyard I would swim everyday. There is no need to pass time, count strokes, worry about flip turns. You swim. It is mentally engaging and the time flies by. I was out there over an hour and had to finally say - time to stop. Let's not get carried away. But I wanted to. Carried away in the ocean is good thing.

Fishies of all colors, shapes, sizes. Beautiful rocks below. Bubbles. Sand. I enjoyed every yard of it. Or mile. Who knows how far we swam. One thing I have learned this year as a pro is how to step up my swimming and how to embrace it. I am so grateful for that lesson learned.

Out there I thought about how far I have come. A few years ago the ocean would have sent me into total panic. Today I swam with just a few others out to the far buoy. I thought to myself that I am a different athlete now. Things have changed in a good way. It's time to start expecting different things and enjoying who I am.

Afterwards, COFFEE! We went to Lava Java and Seiichi treated me to coffee (smart man - but then again he is a doctor). We talked tri stuff. Then hottie spotted - Chris Lieto seems to have a permanent seat at the place. Spotted a super lean, fit, smiley Tracey Roberson-Frack. Seiichi also spied Chrissie Wellington at the pier.

Then it was time to shop! I have learned if you want something from the Ironman store, buy early, buy lots. I did both. And then I visited the A.R.T. tent to see my sports chiropractor from back home. He worked wonders on my left side which laid down and died after yesterday's run. It might be alive by tomorrow.

More shopping then a walk back to the condo. Chris isn't feeling too well. I called him for a pick up and he mumbled something about stomach flu from bad food. Hmmmm. I am sure it will cycle through his body quick but I will tell you this - arriving in Kona uninjured is the first obstacle. With all of your luggage and bike in one piece is another. Last hurdle - staying healthy until race day. Nerves, lots of people from everywhere, change in climate are ripe conditions for illness. Hopefully he will shake it off.

I'm thinking about kayaking today with Mr. Tom. No hiking for me. The legs need to rest. Maybe just some snorkeling, fresh fruit, macademia nuts. Or whatever. It's Hawaii and I'm feeling sort of laid back today...


Muppetdog said...

Sounds like a lovely morning! If our ocean here were like that, I'd be down there all the time too (instead it's COLD and dark!). Will send *get healthy* vibes to the west!

Wes said...

At first, I was thought you said Chris had a boyfriend, and I was like "wooooo". And then, I thought you said Chris had another boyfriend, and I was like "WOOOOOO". Then, I got it, and realized it was his sister's boyfriends, and I was like "wo".

Glad you are having a good time. What? No pics?!?!

Cy said...

I'm here in Seattle airport-Finally time to catch up on blogs...

Your post it making me so excited. See you soon! Take good care of that Ironman of yours :-)

TriGirl Kate O said...

I'm thinking papaya, macademia, and snorkeling!!! Wow, what a great morning. Happy Kona days. I hope Chris is feeling better soon.

Dave said...

Get well soon, Chris!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Totally loving the kayak idea. The hike can wait! So happy that you've found your swimming self! Brilliant! Please post some photos - have to see your view of The island! (perhaps a shot of Lava Java???)

Healthy vibes towards Chris! He can handle it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!