Sunday, October 05, 2008

On Our Way

We've made it to Denver. As I told Chris really our death sentence of flights has just begun. Next up is San Francisco. And then Kona.

The first flight was my worst nightmare. Imagine this - first of all, flying an airline that charged $280 for our bicycles to get to Kona in the first place. Ouch. Second of all - seat 34E. Next - not next to my husband. Last - right next to a large, large, VERY LARGE man who also snored like a bear and smelled like he had eaten a poo sandwich. Add all that up and we have a problem. A 2 hour and 43 minute problem. I was so screwed. Until my IPod battery died. Then I was double dog screwed. And then, my laptop battery went dead. When Chris walked back from his paradise in seat 26E he took one look at my situation and mouthed the words OH MY GOD.

It was rough but I made it out. I feel like I need a bath but I'm still here.

Next up we fly to San Francisco. Then arrive in Kona at 7 pm. That would be a total of 15 hours in airports or flying.

Chris' parents arrive tomorrow. We saw them last night along with the rest of the family. Meredith was trying to convince Chris to mohawk his hair for Kona. She said it would look cool. Then his mom said "he does not have it in his blood to be cool." I almost died laughing. She's right after all and no he didn't do the mohawk. Thank goodness.

I'm not sure when I'll get connected next but I will do my best to turn this blog into Kona Central. Tomorrow I have a 2 hour run. I will first stop by Lava Java. Then I will do my run and run through the Energy Lab. It will be hot but I will be ready.

For all of you that are already in Kona (Kim, John....) please save a seat at Lava Java for me. And make sure it has an ocean view. Wait, I forget they all have an ocean view. I CAN'T WAIT!


Andrea said...

You said "poo"...

TriGirl Kate O said...

The airline people probably saw you and thought "Sucka! We can fit this ittty bitty lady next to behemoth man." Travel safe! No fun about the bike charges. Yuck. Can't wait for all the Kona gossip/news.

Terri said...

Ickkkkk............but then you are going to Kona.

Thanks for keeping us home folks updated. Can't wait for the race review on the spectathlete showdown.

Tri-ing with Twins said...

Just found your blog through another fellow tri gal. I totally feel your pain with the airplane seating. That is the worst!!! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blogs! Good luck!!
Raina :)

D said...

I'm jealous of all people heading to Kona before me. What I am not jealous of is sitting next to a fat man who had a poo sandwich. Damn I hate poo sandwiches.
I hope the rest of your flying is better (that's pretty kind for a person bitter about not being in Kona yet).

Bob Mitera said...

I am at the King Kam as of Thursday. I will be working in the early morning and then working out. Not sure what "official" IM business I'll have to attend.

See you there...flying from ORD to SFO to KOA...with an overnight in the SFO airport. (Ouchtown, population me)