Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Day Before Departure

It's the day before I depart and I realized I should probably start packing.

Making lists, packing up, rummaging through my belongings to figure out what I really need.

Heavily padded shorts (rumor has it we are riding 90 miles? I've ridden 32 on my Computrainer as my long ride this year - does that count?)
Bars, gels, instant sugar sources for survival during long ride
Pictures of Boss to show Jennifer when she talks about her kids or pulls out pictures of them
Jerome's phone number - just in case
Patience for the elderly (Jennifer's words, not mine)
Ear plugs (ask Mel for extras)
Jennifer's AARP card for discounts at Waffle House
Run shorts
Cupcakes for Kate
Big girl goggles (for Molly, just in case she forgets them...)
Miss Daisy's bonnet (and a bee to put in it just for fun at mile 80 of the ride)
Coffee - lots.
Trashy magazines for Jen (I on the other hand will be reading Jane Eyre...uh, just kidding)
New swimsuit - the one that looks like pink threw up all over it (it was on sale)
Two wetsuits (for warmth, I heard the water is 50 degrees? I really don't do water below 70)
Pajamas for Pancakes & PJ night (I cannot believe I just had to say that but...I will be a good sport because pancakes are involved)
Laptop to blog about daily adventures
Anti-pink spray (in case Jennifer gets too pink or too close to me)
Baggies (any time a ride is over 50 miles I find one can never have enough plastic baggies)
iPhone for mobile Facebook updates (clearly I am concerned about the essentials here)
Tool belt (favorite all time joke: because when I drop the hammer Jen will need a place to put it)
Hairspray (to help Rachelle keep her mall bangs up - ever since that mall ride I know she's been sporting a new look)

OPTIONAL: real clothes, underwear and personal beauty products will be absolutely unnecessary because as I have learned from many camps - I will probably be in workout clothes from 6 am to 8 pm every day.

And you know what - as long as fleece tights, mittens, base layers and balaclavas are not involved - I'm ok with that.

See you in sunny Florida!

PS: the other day someone asked me what the "elf" name is Elizabeth Louise Fedofsky. As you can see, I have always been an "elf"!


Jennifer Cunnane said...

Can't wait to meet up with you and the group in Florida. You better bring pictures of boss. i am hoping Jen's senior citizen card qualifies us for 2 for 1 breakfast entrees!

Molly said...

It's good to see you will be prepared for whatever comes your way! :) Other than jeans to survive tomorrow wandering around Florida, I didn't pack "normal" clothes either (unless yoga pants count).

90 miles, huh?!! Um. Yikes?

D said...

I wanna come. Please. Sponsor me or something. I'm pretty funny. I will keep you entertained. Seriously.

TriGirl Kate O said...

The baggies are a great idea! I better pack the long jama bottoms, but I'm leaving my laptop at home (too much to carry...) Travel safe.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I almost peed my pants about the TOOL BELT. HA!
Ok...just for the record, Jennifer Cunnane is a YEAR older than me!!!! Um hum...and HG is older than me....who else there? Kate O is older than me....!!

Heather Gollnick said...

Cant wait to see you here in sunny Florida!!!
Yes I may be the oldest (Thanks for the reminder Jen-plan to ride extra HARD-haha)
yes there will be chocolate chips involved with the paancakes!!

triEVielon said...

I am totally jealous. All of my winter workouts are done underground like some sort of deep sea prehistoric creature. I won't even swim. Too cold to take off my clothes!

Have a great time in sunny FL. Sounds like a great time all around. Can't wait to hear how it was,

Who didn't get ELF, um, hello.....

Melissa said...

Oh goodness, I totally forgot plastic baggies! Great, out of the 47 lbs I packed, I forgot something.

Can you just bring Boss with you? I'm sure he'd like some warm weather too. And by 'warm' I mean "warmer than Chicago but still cold".

See you soon.

kerrie said...

i wish i could be joining you guys! it sounds like it is going to be tons of jealous.

also, i am totally stealing the tool belt thing. awesome.

Anonymous said...

considering we're having record breaking low temps in florida right now, you may want to pack an arm warmer or 2!

Kim said...

I refuse to say your whole name, too long.. you don't have to say mine either.. it's too long also. Feel free to make up a ridiculous nickname. Have so much fun in Florida, and PLEASE bring some of that weather back to the rest of us.. I've HAD it!!

PCR said...

Florida sounds great - have a good time and enjoy the sun. I was down there for a couple of weeks in November and it has been full on winter ever since. Also, I didn't see "Beach Chair" on your list. Enjoy.