Saturday, February 07, 2009

What Time Do We Have To Get Up?

If it was up to Miss Daisy we would have been in bed until 9:30 am watching tv. Small problem. The television was "broken" along with the phone. I told Jen we were NOT switching rooms again so she put in a repair order.

Meanwhile, we went out for the day. The day of course started early. We met at the coffee shop then drove over to a park to meet up with Heather for a run. Deciding that simply running was not enough, Heather kicked off her day with a 5K. And then she went for a run with us on a beautiful series of trails. The group split up into smaller groups with Heather, Courtney, Jen and I running along. It was a gorgeous morning and the pace was nice. And then maybe it was just me but it felt like the pace kept picking up, picking up until we were cruising along at a pace I will just call so so so much better than treadmill.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to run outside.

I finished up some extra time on my own to get in my long run. I wanted to take advantage of the trails and just enjoyed being out there, my mind wandering by myself in the sun. Glorious.

Afterwards, some of the brave went to the ocean and the rest of us went to the pool (I do not do 56 degree water). Heather and I led the campers through some open water skills and drills. It was good to be in the water with the girls to get them to stay right on our feet or practice how to draft. Never mind the creepy guy that was watching us underwater a few lanes over....ick.

Ok then on to some lunch and off for a ride. ANOTHER RIDE! WOO HOO! I rode along with Molly, Kate and some others doing a rotating paceline. Many of these girls had never ridden in a paceline before and they looked like rockstars riding down the road. Everyone held their line and took their pulls. YEAH!

After a short break and regroup forgive me but I decided it was time to drop the hammer but I had good reason. There was some talk from Miss Jen Cunnane and Holly that the hammer was noticeably absent yesterday and I told myself I could not let down the St. Louis girls. Miss Daisy was right on my wheel with Cheryl, Jen and Holly right there and we were cruising along at a pace I will call under control but still a little manic.


The second loop around I did some riding with Molly and Kate then rode by myself for quite some time, time trialing. I thought to myself how incredible the feeling was - riding down a flat road, wind in my face, completely alone. Nothing but the sound of wheels on pavement, the sun shining and nowhere to go. I had no phone, no one around me, no idea where I was and I could have ridden like that forever. Completely lost in the moment, it was a ride I will remember for a very long time.

We regrouped and then Jen, Daisy, Amy, Cheryl, Heather and I took off down the road. Good riding, fast times, fun. Nothing more to say except when Daisy and Jen took off a bit requiring a few massive surges which felt GREAT (ha) after the past 2 days.

The evening was pancakes and pjs. I've been watching Heather (not in a crazy way) and there's so much chatter on forums about what pro's do, eat, how do they train. While I'm sure there are some crazy deviations in pros, Heather just seems to be really down to earth and simple. There is nothing fancy. She was doing drills in the pool - those same boring drills that no one likes to do because drils are...boring. She eats normal food like a normal person (and put down a few chocolate covered pancakes for dinner). She wears a heart rate monitor. She rides hard but knows when it's time to ride easy. She knows herself and trusts what she knows.

We finished up by analyzing swim stroke videos and then called it a night. There's one more workout tomorrow and some strength. I'm tired but a good tired. There was good work - nothing over the top, just solid work with some great gals in a beautiful place.

Now, as for the tv. It is on and we are watching Miss Daisy's favorite - a crime show (she also likes prison shows). The repairman came up a few hours ago and Daisy said "the tv is broken." The guy picks up the remote, points it at the tv and...huh. The tv goes on.

I politely informed him that the elderly have trouble with electronics.

As soon as CSI is over, I'm going to bed.


ADC said...

It simply sounds like heaven. You show them the hammer girl :-)

BreeWee said...

I totally want to be there... I agree Heather is a WONDERFUL person, one of the coolest I know! That camp sounds like a bunch of fun chicks...

thanks for updating us... safe travels home!